"Pull Your Head Out Of Your Assumptions: What Teachers Know About Teaching is a brutally honest book about the everyday concerns and realities for student-teachers, active teachers, policy makers, and parents."

Matthew Macaluso is an active high school History and Social Studies teacher in Connecticut. He has been teaching both adolescent and adult learners since 1998 (not including a two year poorly made decision to work for 'the man' in a private firm) in subjects as diverse as United States History, World History, Psychology, Principles of Law, Trial Law, The History of Rock & Roll, and Philosophy. 

He is a recognized Cooperating Practitioner with Springfield College and has supervised four student teachers. He has written for the Manhattanville College School of Education Alumni Magazine and appeared on WOR AM radio in New York City as well as appeared twice on WTNH TV in New Haven, CT to discuss education practice and pedagogy. In 2014, he was awarded a grant to design an interdisciplinary lesson that merged artistic expression with thesis statement development. He has been flying airplanes since he was 14 and is an instrument rated Commercial pilot. So far, all of his landings have been equal to his takeoffs.

Matt is the owner of Human Intelligence LLC, a historical research company for the entertainment industry. This is his first book.


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